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Front-mounted roller shutters from Alulux: New building, renovation, retrofitting  

 »We loved it at first sight! We were all delighted with our new home during our first visit. But before signing the contract, we were sure that the first investment would be thermal insulation to keep out the summer heat. So we sat together and made plans how to proceed: shutters, roller shutters, exterior blinds, Austrian blinds or Venetian blinds?

We consulted the specialist and inquired about effective and practical heat and sun protection for our house. His clear recommendation was - aluminium front-mounted roller shutters from Alulux!

And today we know that the specialist gave us the best advice. Because front-mounted roller shutters not only offer effective protection against summer heat and improve the indoor climate – they are also distinguished by numerous excellent features in every season:
  • Screening from view 
  • Sun protection
  • Weather protection 
  • Noise protection 
  • Cold insulation
  • Increased protection against break-in
  • Heat protection from the outside to the inside
  • Heat insulation from the inside to the outside
  • Regulation of light conditions
  • Protection against insects (option).« 
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